Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snow Globes

I'm dreaming of Christmas.  I love this time of year.  Forgive me for posting about Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I usually go out of town for Thanksgiving and don't do much decorating for that holiday although, what I don't do in decorating, I am sure to make up for in eating! lol
One of my very favorite Christmas decorations...which make my giddy and revert to 6 years old...are SNOW GLOBES!  I like everything about them.  Not the kind with the off tune music box connected to the bottom, but the old vintage-y kind...
A few years ago we had a Christmas Open House to raise money for a friend who was adopting from Ethiopia and I decorated the kitchen table with snow globe desserts.  My kids got to devour them after everyone went home and I think they were a hit!  I got the idea from a Country Living magazine and I think I will try to do them again this year.

They are a little messy and I did them quickly so they weren't JUST as I wanted them to be, but  I have big plans this year to make a few adjustments and improvments.  Basically, they are cream puffs mounted on a peanut butter cup base.  Very fun and a real hit.  The sky is the limit with ideas!
Another idea that I did last year using a gumball machine was a lot of fun as well...

My little snowman inside is Russian.  Easy to do and brings a smile to many faces!

Yes, maybe a little premature on my Christmas posting...but I am just sure you will forgive me.

XO, Kristine



NanaDiana said...

With things that cute you are definitely forgiven. What a great idea. Love it- xo Diana

Linda said...

Well....look who wrote a post!
How the heck are you doing, anyway?
I have been buying my wee grandaughter snowglobes, when we go away...hopefully she will treasure them, as much as you treasure yours!
Don't be a stranger ♥
Linda :o)