Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Please VOTE for SARAH!

Sarah has been home from Russia for 10 years and on her 11th Birthday we took a few pictures...

You can click on the picture above to vote!

Hello Lakeshore Cottage Living friends! My daughter's picture has made it to the voting stages of the Joint Council's annual photo contest. I would be so honored if you would pop over and vote for SARAH. The competition is tough......and all of the children are just beautiful. Thank you so much in advance. You DO NOT have to register your email or anything like that and I would be delighted if you would share this on your facebook, website, blog pages as well!
May 19th will be her 10 year anniversary HOME. She really, really wants to be the winner. 
Thank you!
Hope you are all doing well...life is busy, life is SWEET.
XO, Kristine

1 comment:

Tery H said...

I voted for Sarah.
I wish you the best of luck...hope you win!