Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peppa Pig Tea Party

My littlest one just turned 4 and we celebrated her Birthday today with 7 of her friends and lots of family. Many of the Moms stayed for the party too which was wonderful and of course I put them all to work! ;)  My oldest son told me today "Mom, if we had the President over for supper you would give him a job to do while he was at our house".  I thought that was kind of funny!  He is so right. 

 Peppa Pig is a little Piggy who lives in the UK and she hasn't made much of herself here in the US yet, so finding items for the party was a little tricky.  My daughter fell in love with her via Nick Jr. 

Hope you enjoy all of the pictures...

 White cake with buttercream, yes please...
the little teacup and teapot on the cake are from
an antique playset.

My little one got Peppa and
her little brother George for her birthday
each little girl got to have a Peppa Pig of her very own to take home. 

Isn't Peppa cute?!


I placed a little chipboard initial on each tag so the girls could keep track of their Peppa Pigs during the party.  We couldn't have a bunch of pigs running amuck now could we?

 Fresh roses from the a teapot of course.

 These bowls were great to help hold the
little plush bums upright.

Pink lemonade too. 

 We played a game that involved each of the girls being blindfolded with part of Peppa's eye, her tail, an arm, etc. and they had to put Peppa together.
Here is Peppa BEFORE.  I cut her out of construction paper and glued her to a piece of foam board that I purchased at our local discount store.
I used tape on all of the parts that would be taken off and placed back on (like pin the tail on the donkey) and that way each girl could stick her part on Peppa's body form.

other than the eyes, they didn't do too worries, we put the little Piggy back together again. 

After the party, we headed
outside to take a few pictures. 

Peppa and George joined us.

 It was a very fine party indeed.

Happy Birthday to my little darling.

Love, Mommy

Looking for Peppa Pig items yourself?

You can find the stuffed plush HERE.
and I ordered the little outfit which included
the bow, another bow that you can pin onto a shirt or jacket or use however you like, the shirt and tutu from a very lovely lady on Etsy:
Jilly's Mom Made That!

**If you like the outfit and you follow Lakeshore Cottage Living, you can go over to
 Jilly's Mom Made That
on Etsy and if you order something, simply enter COTTAGE LIVING at checkout and get 20% off of your order!**

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Double Pink Knockout Roses and a Thank You!

They've started blooming like crazy!  and it makes me so happy to see them every morning out my windows.  These roses are on one side of the fence and on the other I planted salvia, coreopsis, nepeta (Walker's Low) catmint and white oriental lily bulbs.  I can't wait for it to all mature and fill in.

I have been so busy with the kids lately.  There has been a lot going on.  My daughter competed in the State Gymnastics Meet and took 1st place overall which was very exciting.  We had to work the meet and were busy with that all last weekend.  I am also working on a Children's Easter Program for church and trying to keep my very active almost 4 year old busy...planning her party too!  Should be fun.  I'll be back soon with more garden pictures.  I sprayed for poison ivy today and will soon be cleaning out that flower bed and replacing much of the dead stumps and bushes there.  Yardwork is a lot of work but it is so therapeutic to me!  I am enjoying my time outside right now...
our weather has been amazing. 

Also, I just want to say that I was seriously BLOWN AWAY by all of the comments and features of my girls' room. 
Thank you all so very much!

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Talk to you all soon,