Monday, March 5, 2012

Garage Addition Progress...What a MESS!

Well, if you are expecting to look at something pretty...this really isn't it!
This area behind the garage has always been a mess since we moved in.  Other than throw away a bunch of stuff that the previous owners left, we haven't done anything at all....until NOW!
They have started the new addition to the garage.  It will be a large store room/place for yard equipment.  These men loved having their picture funny.

 We had to take out some trees (they weren't very pretty trees and will not be missed...they were covered in dead bagworms)

Here is my oldest sneaking into the picture...
we will have some deckwork/repairwork done now  and then some REAL deck work done this summer to clean it all up.

 As you can see, our grass really has struggled with the lack of rain we had last year.  AND they are working on the dam so they had to drain the lake!  Needless to say, we are on water rations...and the well is almost dry.
these old tiki lamps will go out in the trash tomorrow...I spent all day cleaning up the yard today.  There were leaves everywhere and it was SO windy.  The city trucks were going up and down the lake road with large trucks and equipment cleaning up the lakeside
while the lake is low/dry.  My hair feels like a tumble weed.

This is the back of the garage now with part of the new foundation poured.  The new addition will just be added right on the back and then they will add a small garage door and a back door and of course will replace the siding.

Here is a side view.  I think it will be a nice size.  The area in front of it will be a patio.
A wrought iron fence is not in our plans this year...hopefully next.  I despise chain link...but we have to have a fence
because we have a pool.  I know...wa wa wa.

So there you have it.  I've also been cleaning out my pantry...which has taken me 2 DAYS!  Yikes, it was  a mess. It's really not worth showing you.

I am working on my girls' room and will be revealing it in a few days...and I also have a wonderful giveaway planned from

So, if you have been wanting a stencil from them...stay tuned!

Hope you are all doing well.  My weight loss plan is on it's way...I need to lose 30 POUNDS!

So I am blogging a little less and walking a little more on the hamster mill.

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XO, Kristine


Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I see progress! The extra storage will be so nice. Lucky you having a pool! Sounds lovely. I'd love to lose weight too. Good luck to you!
Come check out my giveaway!

dee dee said...

Oh how exciting!
Wayne and I have plans down the road to add a two story garage to our property. You will have to give us some pointers!
Looking forward to seeing all your upcoming outdoor plans!
dee dee

At The Picket Fence said...

Wow Kristine! That is quite the project but it is going to be so awesome when its done. Can't wait to see it! Wish I could pop over and we could go for a walk...chatting and shedding pounds at the same time is the best in my book! :-)

linda keaveney said...

good luck!!!

Linda :o)