Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thoughts of Spring and Gardening

We are experiencing warmer than normal temperatures here and I am not sure exactly what is going on, but it does have me thinking about Spring.  I know that the days of snow, ice and chilly temperatures are not gone, but every January/February I get the gardening itch and it doesn't go away for a while.  At least it is not the baking itch, right?  Baking does me no only makes me grow BIGGER.  ok, so I did actually bake a cake today too. :/

The first two photos are from BHG.

  This one had me at HELLO.  The patriot hostas and the boxwood are a marriage made in heaven.
This grouping uses the perfect rule to place large leafed plants next to small leaf plants for contrast.  Did you notice there is not one flower in this picture, yet it is soooo appealing to the eye?

 I really love the foxglove in this picture as well as the other colorful flowers. Did you know they are poisonous?  Don't let your toddler chew on one.  They are SO pretty next to the little white fence.
Very Cottagey (is that a word?)

And I really like the daylilies paired with the shrub roses in this picture for almost year-long color.  Sorry, I cannot find the was just in my photo file.

Where do you get your gardening inspiration?  Did you do your own yard or did someone come up with the design for you?  I would love to know what websites you go to for inspiraation!  Now, girls...I KNOW there are a few of you reading this who are not going to let me know all of your GARDENING are going to lurk and see what I come up with...this is a call for help.  Make sure you PLEASE check back on me and don't be afraid to give me your advice.  I need it.  Seriously.



Katy said...

I am not good at gardening but I like flowers. Does that help?

I am worried about the mild winter because that means the mosquitos and fleas and bugs are going to be horrendous this year :(

Honey at 2805 said...

Your new picture sure is cute!

Jen said...

I pinned that first picture too from BHG! I LOVE IT! I want to create that in my front yard.. hostas are so pretty and grow so well in the midwest! Why have I not been following you on Pinterest! I am now for sure!! Cute pic by the way!

dee dee said...

Like Jen, I pinned that first photo too! Maybe when you are done with your home you can work your way out here too!
Dee Dee

linda keaveney said...

take a look at my earlier posts...perhaps you will see what works best...I mean, with perennials...I have had pretty good luck, myself....for the main structure, you will need some flowering shrubs, and of course give your garden structure, and a year-round presence....I really like to consider myself a "master gardener"...any questions from you, would be answered with loving care...I am in Florida vacationing right now...but am always available... :o)