Monday, February 27, 2012

The Blog O' The Week #11

Once again, I am a little behind on things...I am trying to fit exercise into my schedule and if I get on the blog, then my day goes by too quickly because I get sucked in to all of your beautiful blogs and then I go to your blog lists and get sucked in further...and then facebook...well, you get the picture.  We are headed to the beach again this summer and I need to feel better about a bathing suit appearance than I do right now ;)  Just you want to hear more about my weight loss journey or does that bore you?  I am thinking of posting updates on facebook, but not if that is sharing too much.

So...ok...rambling AGAIN.

My blog pick this week is one that I just love. She is a gal who I have been friends with and followed for a few years now. Time flies by so quickly. She has a beautiful little girl from Russia and two sons who are very handsome. She and her husband are also very beautiful...just the whole family! their new exciting thing is the building of a new home...and the floor plans are stunning. I know you will want to follow her now so that you can watch it all appear before your own eyes. She has GREAT taste and you will NOT be disappointed by any of her decor.

So without further ado...please go visit Corey at:


dee dee said...

Love a good home building blog! Off to check it out! Would love to hear about your weight loss journey, it would motivate me too! Have a great week!
dee dee

carolinagirl said...

Thank you so much for "featuring" me! You are too sweet. I started my weight loss plan today! I am hoping to lose a pound a week...we are going to Key West for my birthday, and although I need to lose more than 6 pounds (we leave in 6 weeks), I am hoping any is better than NONE!

Anyway, thanks again for sharing my blog!!!

Eclectically Vintage said...

So funny because she just left a comment on my blog and I went over to her blog to respond. Then I came right here where you are featuring her! Her house plans are fab - can't wait to see what she does.