Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dark Kitchen Cabinets...Inspiration Part 1

 So many of you have commented on my kitchen and  I really do love hearing all of your comments.  No,  this is not my kitchen, but THIS is.  Many of you who have dark cabinets or want dark cabinets have been a little intimidated by the ABSOLUTELY beautiful WHITE kitchens out there and by all means...there are some really stunning ones out stop you dead in your tracks stunning.  With 4 kids tromping around, we decided that the stress of keeping white cabinets clean was not something we wanted to do.  We are really trying to keep this lakeshore home a relaxing place...and trying to decrease my load.  Don't get me wrong, my inspiration notebook is FILLED with white kitchens.  But I think dark cabinets can be stunning as well.  They bring warmth and tend to "ground" a space. 
We have chosen to lighten things up with paint and of course we have a lot of window light as well but our kitchen cabinets are dark...chosen dark and staying dark until the last little critter leaves...and then we may change things up...but with inspiration like these pictures provide...we just may keep our cabinets forever.

All of these pictures are from House Beautiful.

 I don't believe the kitchen cabinets are what makes up the entire look of the kitchen.  Certainly, the hardware, the walls, the textures, lighting, the decor are what really makes the kitchen beautiful, don't you agree?
Just look at this fabulous tiled wall...something that can easily be added to a pre-existing kitchen while remodeling.  OH, and not to mention the brick floor in herringbone pattern.

They certainly spiced things up with these chairs and table...and just about every beautiful kitchen picture will have some kind of live arrangement, have you noticed that?
Not to mention the look of inviting dishes and settings...

  Character. Everywhere.

Beautiful sink and fun antiques.


Makes you just want to reach into that picture and ring the bell, doesn't it?

I'll be back soon with more dark cabinet inspiration.

So what do you think?  Stop back by, I'll be sharing a new kitchen every morning this week.

Have a happy week!



At The Picket Fence said...

This could not be more perfect timing Kristine! I was just talking with my sister and my mom about my own dark cabinets in my kitchen and whether or not I should paint them. They are really great quality and I actually don't mind them but feel insecure sometimes when I see all of the white kitchens out there (which I actually LOVE). I need some inspiration regarding accessorizing and lightening it up in other ways so I feel like this was just for me! :-) Hope you are having a fantastic new year so far my friend!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

This is a great post! I'm looking at the possibility of moving soon and seems most of the houses I view on MLS have dark cabinetry. I currently have white cabinets and love them. They are a cinch to wipe clean. Just seems a lot of newer homes have the dark cabinets so a lot of folks must like them. I loved seeing your inspiration photos of how to mix the dark with vintage style. Thanks for sharing!

dee dee said...

Our last house had two kitchens... the upstairs family kitchen had beautiful dark cabinets, the one downstairs in the apartment had white. I love both looks! We chose white in the new house to keep the back room open and bright. I just love the dark cabinets in your kitchen great choice!
dee dee

Heather said...

Thanks for pointing out that dark cabinets can be beautiful too! Any chance someone can make honey oak look pretty? ;)

linda keaveney said...

I think your kitchen is beautiful...
I also have a lot of shelving with ginger-bread brackets...lots of collectibles...I see you even had a blue hob-nail glass..Is that what you call it in the U.S.??
I am partial to milk glass, myself..
I love collecting...don't you??

Linda :o)

Lynette said...

Thanks again for your help today! That kitchen is fabulous, and yours is stunning as well. In Texas, most homes built recently seems to have dark cabinets, so someone must love them here! Hey, I chose mine! I made the mistake of pairing it with a beige that was to dark on the walls in a north facing room. I'm hoping to add some Dove White paint from Benjamin Moore real soon! Can't wait to see your other kitchens!

Katie said...

I have dark cabinets and I always find myself in that same situation- loving all of the light, white kitchens. Thanks for showing some beautiful dark cabinets in kitchens!!