Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Blog O' The Week #7

I have been busy making up some garden plans for our yard.  We got rid of a lot of old overgrown bushes last year and didn't replace them with anything other than black gardening tarp and lots and lots of least I have a very clean palette to work with.  So this year after the new roof is put on (hopefully soon) and as soon as it warms up...I plan to landscape the front and back yard and add some color to our very plain surroundings.

In my search over the internet I have found some wonderful blogs that have assisted me with my plans.  One of my very favorites is this one:

(this isn't my garden plan, but just a picture from her site)

I know it is cold and snowy in many parts of this world right now, but the thought of gardening brings a smile to my face and to have some plans in  my hands really help me to look forward to warmer days ahead.  I do love to get my hands in the dirt!  I hope this blog will help you to plan for your garden as well.  So go on over and visit Doris.  I know you will get a lot of great tips from her blog.

Please share...what gardening blogs to you enjoy?

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dee dee said...

I will have to go and check her out! We redid the inside last year and the yard needs major work this spring! We have trees that need thined out, bushes that need trimmed (or removed), grass to reseed, flowers to plant, bed to redo......and i am know for my black thumb!
Dee Dee