Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I really must catch up on laundry.

October is already here and evidently it's already the 12th!  This year is slipping by quickly.  Life has been so crazy this past year with the move to Lakeshore and with a 4 kids and a husband who travels that is no easy feat let me tell you.  Blogging is so fun and I just love visiting many, many blogs daily but the truth is I have gotten behind on laundry...and well, a 100 other things.  I am a dreamer by heart and so blogging has been a way for me to complete a lot of projects (so that I could have something to post lol)...and get really great feedback on some projects as well.  It's just too bad that the laundry doesn't do itself, nor does the shopping for groceries and it is really too bad that my fingers moving most of the day on the keyboard doesn't make my butt shrink.  I tell myself at the end of each day..."Kristine, if you would workout each day the hours that you spend blogging you would be the most fit woman in town!" and yet, the very next day, the same thing happens...

So, I am going to put blogging aside for a while and work on decreasing my pant size, spending more time with my precious little girl who is still not in school like the other 3 and get ready for the holidays. Did you know I am directing the Children's Christmas Program at church? 

I may even spend a little more time on my new tree bench swing.

I won't be gone too long...I'll try to be back before the Christmas holiday season so that I can see all of your decorations and show you mine...and I will most certainly try to be 10 pounds lighter when I do come back!

I feel good about this.

My challenge for you before I leave is this:

Walk 1 mile each day before you sit down to your computer. 
Just 1 mile.

It's not that far...and hoping that 1 mile leads to 2 and then to 3!

We women must stay healthy.  I'll miss you!




Jen at Little Cottage Chic said...

Hi Kristine,
I just disovered your adorable blog while browsing another one and am now your latest follower!
I have a new blog and invite you to follow it; it's all about decorating, paint colors, makeovers, etc.
By the way, loved your challenge at the end of the post. I have recently taken up walking for at least "30" minutes a day!
Love Jen xo

Honey at 2805 said...

I enjoyed your post Kristine, and agree that we have such busy lives sometime you just must take a break from blogging. Take care of yourself and your family--nothing is more important!

Will be looking forward to your return!

At The Picket Fence said...

Hey friend!! Totally hear ya and understand your heart. Blessings to you for listening to that "nudge" and doing something about it. :-) I'll miss you but will be here when you get back! I pray your break is refreshing and renewing of your body AND spirit!
Love, Vanessa

Michele Smith said...

I know exactly how you feel!!! I have got so behind on house work its ridiculous!
I find that I get on every other day to catch up on comments/blogs and only blog maybe twice a helps if they're scheduled in advance.
We will be here when you return!
Enjoy your family!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Good for you Kristine. Life is all about balance and your goals to be healthy & spend more time with your little one are wonderful. Enjoy the fall and I hope you come back to blogging when the time is right for you!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

That is an excellent idea Kristine! You are right inside my head b/c I've been telling myself the same thing. I need to exercise. Sounds like you're getting your priorities in order. See when you return!

Barb said...

Looking forward to "seeing" you when you're back. btw - those enamel signs are the standard signs here in the towns in Finland:)

classic • casual • home said...

Bravo....I am even going to try for three miles!

Jann Olson said...

Hi Kristine,
We will miss you! Enjoy your little one and I look forward to your return. Try not to lose too much weight, I have a feeling I will be the one to find it. lol! See you soon!

Debbie@refreshrestyle said...

Hey Kristine, I know exactly what you're saying! I struggle with balancing everything, too. I keep reminding myself to stay away from the computer and I'll get more done! See you when you get back!