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Fireplace/Mantel Decor Changes

**Ok...little bit of it mantLE or mantEL?

Well, I have been sorry about that.  I always try so hard to use proper grammar.

According to the internet vocabulary on google:

Though they stem from the same word, a “mantle” today is usually a cloak, while the shelf over a fireplace is most often spelled “mantel.”

So, onward and forward...with something learned today lol.  **

Some of you who have followed my blog for a while will remember that this is what our family room looked like after we took possession of the house.  Actually, this room is clean compared to what it looked like when we took possession...a time I don't want to ever go back to.  It took us 3 entire days to clean out this house with everything that was left.  At least two large dumpsters full!

With the help of our contractor and a wonderful carpenter, we had a new mantel built.  The new mantel certainly brought a brighter look to the room and it also helped to break up all of the brick. 

Here was round one of the mantel decor and recently I have done a few changes...

I found this old rusty wheel at the local antique store and I just thought it was such an interesting husband was stunned that I actually paid money for

We have had this old milk can for years...we have two more around the house in the front entrance and in the hallway.  I think they definitely add a vintage touch.  I can't wait until it is warm enough to light a fire here.  Soon I will be changing this mantel again to add a touch of fall decor to the room, but my decorating "clock" tells me to wait until after Labor Day...not sure why.  I may have to drag it all out  of the store room and take inventory to prepare because I don't really want to wait! 

We finally got some rain thankful.

Hope you are having a great day.  Oh, almost forgot to mention, my camera seems to be making my pictures kind of fuzzy so I apologize.  I need to figure out what setting it is on...and change it!
My old camera that I loved was dropped on the mountainside in Colorado this summer and soon after was placed to rest...bummer.

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Monday, August 29, 2011


 When we first visited this house, the mud room was an area that excited me.  Even if it was filled with dirt, junk and smelled of old cat litter.  We pulled up all the carpet and put down new slate flooring and repainted all the surfaces.  We really enjoy coming into this space from the garage and side door now.
 Through this door you will find a walk-in pantry...not organized enough to show you...
another project for another day ;)
 This is one of my favorite mother had a lady do a silhouette of me when I was a little girl.

 This desk was my granmother's desk and the two vintage prints above it were my husband's grandmother's.  We really love having family treasures.

All of the nesting dolls are from Russia and a few of the other wooden pieces are from Germany.

Their little smiling faces greet us when we walk through the door.

 You have probably seen this stool in another picture.  It was an estate sale find.  I thought it would be nice in here for the kids to sit on when they put on their shoes in the morning.

 Through this pocket door is the laundry room and a half bath.  Of course with all the time I have spent blogging lately, the laundry is piled that will have to be another day as well.  The fish are just for fun.  What's a lake house without a couple of fish on your wall?

 We really like all the light that pours into this space from the door.
This rug was purchased by my parents when we were stationed in Saudi Arabia when my father was in the Army.  It has always been a favorite of mine with it's rich red tones.

And there you have it.  In case you are wondering...the desk is not always this clean...
just cleaned it up for YOU!  

Have a great day!


More Antique Store Finds

Girls, if I keep shopping at the antique stores my husband is never going to let me buy dining room chairs...sigh.  But I just had to have these two little items...I just couldn't leave them there...

First, I found this glass buoy and I really liked the color as well as the knots in the rope...

and second, I found this adorable squirrel nut cracker...great for fall decor which I hope to put more of out soon...after Labor Day.

 He still works too!

I am truly addicted to hitting the local antique stores lately. 
There are so many fun things to discover and I love the prices!
We head to Oklahoma this weekend to see family and my husband said he'll take me to the old family barn to shop for free...and little does he know...I CAN'T WAIT!  He just thought he was being funny...
I'll show him. ;)

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Antique Locks

For some reason, ever since I was a little girl I have loved to play with locks and keys.  My kids like them too.  Funny.  When I was at an antique store recently I found these...

I am not sure how I plan to display them just yet...but just found this page telling various ways to decorate with antique locks:

Using Antique Locks for Decorating

In this article they shared these tips:

Decorating Ideas

1. Just a simple line of beautiful antique locks, hanging on an old bit of twine or rope, would look good in a house with rustic decor.
2. Some old baggage locks have a large looped metal bar, kind of like a solid bike lock that fits round the wheel. These can be attached to the wall and used to hand coats or keys from.

3. Combination locks with circular dials can be perfect paper weights for a study desk.

4. Use a smaller antique padlock as a key fob, probably not for you to carry in your pocket, but great for a set of keys that stay in your house, for example those for the garden shed, garage and back gate.

5. Give a nondescript piece of furniture a touch of class by replacing the locks with ones with ornate gilded surrounds (aka keyhole covers) that you might find on a Renaissance writing desk.

If you want to be able to create some great looks around your home, then antique locks is a great way to do it. This unique design accessory will give you a number of different options to choose from, so no matter whether you want to decorate using a treasure chest or any other object; you will be able to create a nice look. Take a look in antique shops and online stores to find a nice looking antique lock and start creating your design today!

Article Source:

I am thinking about hanging them around pictures in a picture collage of some kind...what do you think?  Do you have any antique locks?  How are you using them...or are you?

Hope you are having a great week so far,

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

From Bride of Frank to My Fair weekend chalk paint project

I know it has been quite a while since my last post.  The kids are now in school all day (except for one little sweetie) and I hope to have more time now to spend on home projects as I am a little behind.  Just like my record shows...when I have too much to do I like to find even more projects to do. Anyone else out there sick like that?... So I made a trip to a newly discovered antique store (yippeeee) and found this little jewel in the rough (I am being kind).  63.00 later she was mine.  I say she is a "she" because she has swirly woodwork and curvy  Anyway, brought her home in the back of the burb and quickly pulled out the handy dandy chalk paint from the cupboard that was left over from the dining table...which I will reveal at a later date...I want you to see it with chairs of course!  It may be a while if I keep going to the antique store lol.
  Here she is in all of her glory hidden at the antique store just waiting to be discovered!

the stop sign should have STOPPED me...but NOPE.

Here she is already at her new home....looking very bride of Frankensteinish.

And here she is now in my dining room in all of her a new bride...but not with Frank any longer...more like Prince Charles...or My Fair Lady!

I painted the inside a fresh color too...she had a complete makeover...and I filled her with some pretties that have been stashed away.
**this is actually not chalk paint on the inside but some paint I had in the basement**

Do you like her apron?  I have had this piece for  a while and I thought it just added a little something different to her also is big enough that it lines the drawer which is now filled with all of my candles.

another angle of the new lady...

So what do you think?

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