Friday, June 24, 2011

Inspired by YELLOW

Megan at A Life's Design posted these photos a few days ago and I thought they were SO LOVERLY!!!
She always has beautiful inspiration pics that she posts.  If you don't already FOLLOW her, you really should.  I didn't know if you all saw these and they were too pretty to pass over.

LOVE this coffee table...wonder if I could find one like that???

Would ya just look at the glass/mirror in that door!  What a wonderful idea!

Srumptious, I tell ya!  Doesn't it make you wanna go to TJ and find everything yellow and throw it in your cart?  or maybe eat a nice piece of lemon cake with iced tea with leeeeeemon?  (can't do that...I am on a diet...bummer...maybe some of you skinny chics can...LOL)

I hope you are inspired like me.  She got all of these pics from Style At Home.  Another great site. Oh and be sure to read the Friday Funny link in the below post...well, only if you want a good laugh ;)...a REALLY good pee your pants funny.




Nicole said...

First , I want to live at her house!Love those pics!
And I totally missed the 15 year, 5 ft chicken anniversary! We are going on our 20th !
Thanks for the laugh :)

Michele Smith said...

LOVE splashes of yellow. I love that coffee table too...when you find one find one for me too LOL
I'm off to check out her blog!