Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Updates and More Inspiration

I haven’t been to the house much over the weekend and this week.  My son is feeling better (thank you.) and my oldest daughter has been sick the last couple of days.  We are a sharing family.  All the kids were home for the MLK holiday on Monday as well.  BUT, I can tell you that the cabinets are hung and there are some new open shelves that have been built ( I. LOVE. THEM.)  I am in the process now of selecting knobs and bin pulls and pulling together some ideas for the girls’ room.
 Some days I feel like I am paddling up a very strong river on a piece of cardboard…
But at the end of the day, I check off my list what I have accomplished and pass out…ready each morning for the next day…kind of like Ground Hog Day…don’t you love that movie?
Ok, sorry…back to the topic at hand.  The house, the inspiration.  I will try to get pics this afternoon.  The electrician wants to meet with me to talk about the height of some of my new lights so I will try to get over there with my camera in hand.
Here are a few fabric swatches that have made my brain stir…with delight.
 aqua floral aqua damask red and white polka dots 
These fabrics inspire some color choices for the girls’ room.  I love red and aqua together!  It is so fresh and clean and happy.  My girls are both very happy, smiley little girls and these colors just remind me of them.
I can picture lots of ruffles.  I just need to get my step-mom on board.  She is an incredible seamstress.  I am blessed that she loves us as much as she does. 
And we feel the same about her.
I hope to be back later!

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mississippi artist said...

Bless your heart! I hope everyone is on the mend.I know you are excited about your cabinets, can't wait to see them.