Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ok….need a little help.

I would love it if you all would share your resources.  I am looking for great drawer pulls and knobs for my kitchen cabinets.  I like the look of crystal, brushed nickel and anything sparkly, silvery. 
I would also like to know what you think of the eclectic look?  My Lakeshore Cottage is definitely going to be eclectic.  I have fancy stuff and not so fancy stuff.  I have primitive stuff, I have…well, all kinds of stuff!  My mother always taught me that if you really love something, you shouldn’t hide it away in a box, you should put it out and display it so that you can see if regularly.  Who cares if it doesn’t match what is in the magazine or the “perfect” picture…it is what makes a home….yours. 
At the speed that I am having to select things for the remodel, I am kind of concerned how it is all going to come together.  Your encouragement really means a lot to me…so thank you!
And lastly, do any of you have LG refrigerators?  I just purchased all of my appliances yesterday and I went for the LG refrigerator….counter depth.   I am hoping you all have good things to say about it!
Anything I am forgetting?  
I will tell you that my kitchen is not going to be white.  I pondered this for a very long time and just couldn’t do it.  I am drawn more to wood tones, although I seem to have mainly white kitchen pictures in my idea scrapbook.  When it came down to it, I went with dark cabinets.  Also, in case some of you are wondering….the brick is staying brick….my husband put his foot down on that one.  Why is it he didn’t care about any other decisions I have made thus far, but the brick has to stay….brick.  Dang.
Big art to cover the brick.  Now that is the answer I am leaning towards ;)
Feel free to speak up!  don’t be shy….I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Jess said...

Love your house! This is so exciting! :) My husband and I are going to begin this year to build our house-you know, "the house." haha, anyhow, he has already decided he wants exposed brick in the kitchen. So, it must be a man thing? or maybe they know something we don't.