Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is all coming together quickly.

I made it over to the house today to get a few new shots.  The floors have been sanded and finished and they will buff them again and apply the last coat just before we move in mid-February.  The cabinets have all been set and there is a little trim-work needed.  The painters and carpenters should be back soon to get that done.  Carpet will be laid tomorrow in the basement and next week upstairs and the granite and appliances arrive next week.  The electricians are still working on all of the lighting.  Many of the plugs and switches had to be replaced.  The chandeliers should be hung today in the kitchen and dining room.  The curtain rods arrived yesterday and so did some new pillow covers from Pottery Barn.  The faucets have been purchased and the glass company will come out later this week to do some measurements for the showers.   It is all coming together. 
I shot a few quick shots while  there today.
004 005 006 007 008 010 011
I thought I would show the completed fireplace mantel.  Didn’t the floors turn out beautifully?  We still have to decide what to do with the fireplace screens and fireplaces and we may not mess too much with those until spring or even summer time.  We will of course clean them out soon and probably discard the brass doors. 
All of the natural light makes me giddy.
I would love to show you more pictures but will probably not for a while because I want the next pictures to be the finished product.  So sit tight for a bit and be sure to check back.  We will move in mid-February.  Make sure you click on the FOLLOW button so you don’t miss out!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kitchen Update

Well, I braved the floor sander and the dust just for YOU!  They let me into the kitchen for a couple of veeeeeeerrrry quick photos.   And, I got to meet with the electrician although he was very nice, he is going to have to lower a few lights for me.  I was so sorry but I like them lower…and he was very kind to oblige.  Thankfully, he had not cut the wire or the chain so it will all work out.  It is funny how some of the men who have worked on the house look at me like I am crazy about some of the choices I have made.  Girls, they just don’t read the blogs I do! lol  I know some stuff.  OR I just think I do. lol
Ok, once again I am just babbling away and am sidetracked by my own crazy, random thoughts.
Here are a few kitchen shots:
My new shelves which will soon be painted white…
006 007and here is a side shot.  I just love these and am already thinking about all the junk treasures I will load these babies up with.  I told them to make sure they were stuuuuuurdy.
008and here is a shot of my cabinets. 
I wanted clean lines and dark stain. 
Originally, I wanted white and that is what is in my inspiration notebook.  I think white will have to come later in life.  I am trying to keep my house very casual for the kids right now.  Our house now is a little fussy and I am ready to relax a little and not worry so much.  If they wipe a chocolate hand on these, I won’t see it for  while ;)  They are rustic oak.  My contractor calls them Peruvian…lol.  He says they look like something you would find in a shed in the Peruvian jungle.  He thinks he is funny.  I wanted a “country” type of look…and I have seen many English cottage pics with oak cabinets in a dark stain and I think they are so lovely and welcoming….so that is what I went for.  White cabinets with a sparkly chandelier will be a few years down the road.  Don’t get me wrong…I will still have some sparkle and bling bling in this kitchen too…so be sure to check back!
I thought I would pop back in and post a few before photos of the kitchen:
002 003 004 005
We have come a looooooong way since November.  I still can’t believe that all of this was just left when we took possession of the house.  I am glad that the mess is gone and all that is behind us.

Updates and More Inspiration

I haven’t been to the house much over the weekend and this week.  My son is feeling better (thank you.) and my oldest daughter has been sick the last couple of days.  We are a sharing family.  All the kids were home for the MLK holiday on Monday as well.  BUT, I can tell you that the cabinets are hung and there are some new open shelves that have been built ( I. LOVE. THEM.)  I am in the process now of selecting knobs and bin pulls and pulling together some ideas for the girls’ room.
 Some days I feel like I am paddling up a very strong river on a piece of cardboard…
But at the end of the day, I check off my list what I have accomplished and pass out…ready each morning for the next day…kind of like Ground Hog Day…don’t you love that movie?
Ok, sorry…back to the topic at hand.  The house, the inspiration.  I will try to get pics this afternoon.  The electrician wants to meet with me to talk about the height of some of my new lights so I will try to get over there with my camera in hand.
Here are a few fabric swatches that have made my brain stir…with delight.
 aqua floral aqua damask red and white polka dots 
These fabrics inspire some color choices for the girls’ room.  I love red and aqua together!  It is so fresh and clean and happy.  My girls are both very happy, smiley little girls and these colors just remind me of them.
I can picture lots of ruffles.  I just need to get my step-mom on board.  She is an incredible seamstress.  I am blessed that she loves us as much as she does. 
And we feel the same about her.
I hope to be back later!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cabinets Arrive Today!!!!

My day started very early at 4:30 with my oldest daughter saying...."Mom, come quick!"

Now let me just say that as a mother of four you know right away that means....stomach flu.

She was fetched by my oldest son who finally made it to the toilet after several and I mean several stops along the way...he's tall too if that tells you yes, the walls were not spared either.  I pray that one day he will make it to the toilet...maybe when he has to start cleaning it up himself...who knows. there I was mopping, wiping, spraying Lysol, mopping, wiping some more and washing towels, sheets, spraying Lysol on myself, praying, praying, praying...I am SURE you know the routine...and I's my BIRTHDAY!  What a wonderful way to start the day, huh? lol

I am choosing to NOT let this ruin my day.  I have already showered and am going to get dressed because today is CABINET DAY!!! They are supposed to deliver my cabinets today and they will hang them on Monday.  I absolutely cannot wait.  I am hoping to have some time today or tomorrow to pop back in and show you a sneak peek.

I hope your day is filled with lots of smiles and no vomit. 

Talk to you all soon,


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do door knobs and ceiling lights...

have to be the same metal finish?  what about curtain rods?  Tell me what you think please...and don't be shy!  I could really use your help on this one...YES YOU!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Master Bathroom and Closet

Brace Yourselves.
This was the master bathroom prior to the remodel start.  Behind the glass door was a sunken tub…really sunken.
Yes, that is carpet.  You would not believe what was left in the trash can.  I am trying to forget everything that I found. 
I’ll give you a nice close up of the tub.
There you go.  How’s that?  Yes.  I know….pretty bad.
Well, I couldn’t very well leave out the other half of the tub could I?
I wouldn’t want you to miss out.
Now I will show you the master bath as of today…
The bathroom was gutted.  The floor in the tub area was raised.
And here you will see the new tiled walk in shower.  The new dry wall all around really helped this area and the window will get a nice new blind or curtain of some kind…no peaking!
Here you will see the new entrance way to the shower and in this area, a double sink will be installed with new cabinetry.  I chose a matching floor tile to the shower tile and had it all laid in a brick pattern.  I am hoping the cabinets will be in this week!
Below you will see the AFTER of the master walk-in closet.  This is such a huge improvement.  There are many built-ins in this closet which was truly one of the only features of this house that we didn’t tear out.  They will be really nice.  I am just hoping my husband lets me have most of it! lol
You can’t see from this picture, but there are built-ins to the left and right.  Sorry, I will try to get a better shot next time.
And here is the closet prior to the remodel start.  Yes!  he left all of these suits and clothes.  The previous owner moved to Hawaii and must not have needed these suits any longer.  Don’t worry, we didn’t toss them.  We donated them to a men’s shelter and I hope they were able to use them for interviews, etc.
Oh and yes, we did check the pockets ;)

I am hoping to see a lot of progress this week at the house so I hope you will check back.  I will post pictures as soon as I can. 
Please check my sidebar for all of the wonderful blog parties going on this week.  There are so many talented ladies out there.  I hope you will visit a few and get some great inspiration.  I know I will!  Thank you to those of you who have left comments, encouragement and who have clicked on the Follow button.  It is nice to see your smiling faces when I open up the blog.

Friday, January 7, 2011

More Progress…

Today, I took a couple of my best friends through the house…you will see them in the pics.  After an embarrassing walk-in on a painter in the bathroom and a few good laughs we had a fun walk-through!  I promise I didn’t see anything! lol
As you can see they got a primer coat on the new fireplace mantle and they are doing a new door for the little cubby next to it for the fireplace supplies.  Below you will see that the formal living room has a fresh coat of silvery blue (SW Samovar Silver). 002 003
Anyone need a mantle?

Below you will see the new sub-floor in the sunroom.
And here you will see the new opening to the basement stairs.  These stairs were so dark and we are hoping that this will spill some light.  We are also hanging a new light in this space which should brighten things quite a bit.
Another shot of the opening in the stairs…
007 008
I wanted to give you an idea what the slate flooring looks like.  It is pretty dirty from the ceiling work which has been done down in the basement, but you can get an idea anyway.
And the hallway is coming along nicely.
 011 012
It’s very cold here but the view of the lake is lovely….really the reason we purchased this home to begin with.  I hope you will go to the very beginning post and check out the MLS photos of this house to see how far we have come just since November!  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ok….need a little help.

I would love it if you all would share your resources.  I am looking for great drawer pulls and knobs for my kitchen cabinets.  I like the look of crystal, brushed nickel and anything sparkly, silvery. 
I would also like to know what you think of the eclectic look?  My Lakeshore Cottage is definitely going to be eclectic.  I have fancy stuff and not so fancy stuff.  I have primitive stuff, I have…well, all kinds of stuff!  My mother always taught me that if you really love something, you shouldn’t hide it away in a box, you should put it out and display it so that you can see if regularly.  Who cares if it doesn’t match what is in the magazine or the “perfect” picture…it is what makes a home….yours. 
At the speed that I am having to select things for the remodel, I am kind of concerned how it is all going to come together.  Your encouragement really means a lot to me…so thank you!
And lastly, do any of you have LG refrigerators?  I just purchased all of my appliances yesterday and I went for the LG refrigerator….counter depth.   I am hoping you all have good things to say about it!
Anything I am forgetting?  
I will tell you that my kitchen is not going to be white.  I pondered this for a very long time and just couldn’t do it.  I am drawn more to wood tones, although I seem to have mainly white kitchen pictures in my idea scrapbook.  When it came down to it, I went with dark cabinets.  Also, in case some of you are wondering….the brick is staying brick….my husband put his foot down on that one.  Why is it he didn’t care about any other decisions I have made thus far, but the brick has to stay….brick.  Dang.
Big art to cover the brick.  Now that is the answer I am leaning towards ;)
Feel free to speak up!  don’t be shy….I would love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Storm Before the Calm

Doors everywhere, dust everywhere, the smell of paint fumes in the air, ladders, tools, men working, drawings and writing on the unpainted walls….
One thing you can see through all the mess are the paint colors we chose.  The first is a little darker than we imagined but we like it and have some ideas for decor in this room.  It will be my oldest son’s room and he is so tickled to finally have his own room!

(Sherwin Williams Westchester Gray)

This blue room  is our girls’ room…
(Sherwin Williams Swimming)

and this is our youngest son’s room… 047
(Sherwin Williams Stamped Concrete)

This is our master bedroom and bathroom following…
048 049 050 051 052 053 054
(Sherwin Williams Kilim Beige)

And here are a few  more shots of the kitchen and dining room so far…
055 056
(Sherwin Williams Samovar Silver)
new kitchen window…so excited that it is LARGE and that it is a picture window….it sits right over the location of the future sink.

As I said in the title…it is the STORM before the CALM when you are renovating!   Those who have been through it can agree I am sure!
Thank you for all of your comments, ideas and support!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fireplace Makeover

Well, it is not finished yet, but thought I would show you what they did with the fireplace today.  Isn’t this new mantle beautiful?  It will be painted white like the other trim in the house, but I think it really helps to break up the brick wall, don’t you? 044 This is a BEFORE shot of the fireplace just after we took possession of the home.  It makes me cringe that this mantle was just being held up with about 4 nails!  All of the kids sat under that mantle many times prior to this discovery.  It is a good thing that the contractor found out about it…poor little sweetie could have gotten squished! 008057
And another angle of it…much better!  Attached to the wall and everything…
Also, did you notice the wood floors?  they will be sanded and finished in the next couple of weeks after the kitchen cabinets arrive.
There’s more to come so check back in soon!