Monday, November 15, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday

Nothing has morphed yet, but I could sure use some help!  Please see the MLS photos below.  We aren't knocking out walls, but we are gutting the kitchen and master bathroom.  All new flooring will be installed and many, many more things.  Help me MORPH this house!  I know there are some very creative ladies out there.  I hope you will follow along on the journey to turning this Lakeshore house around to fit a family of 6!



mississippi artist said...

I think the bones of your house are lovely. once you get out the wall paper and carpet you will feel better. this is a lot of work, but i have done many and one day it just all seems to come together.I am going to follow so I don;t miss a step in this project.

carolinagirl said... this project!!! let me know what the ultimate plans are for the this a resell? a move as a permanent home? a do it up right redo? or on a budget??? we bought a condo at the beach last year (sadly it is a 4 hr drive from our home), but it was only 3 years old and just plain jane. i had so much fun decorating, but we didn't have to put much $$ in...can't wait to hear your overall vision, and then I can't wait to jump in!!!

It was crazy...we closed on the condo just days before leaving for Russia. emma had only been home 3 weeks when we took her down for the very first time!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky (even though I know it doesn't seem like it)! I am finishing up rehabbin a repo home (had NO kitchen and the bathroom was in need of a total gut job).
I had a blast making decisions and picking out tile, cabinets, etc on a strict budget.
Cannot wait to follow along.