Friday, November 19, 2010

My Inspiration…

foyer living room-samovar silver dining room-samovar silver
hallway-samovar silver  master bedroom-loggia paint
REALLY enjoying the color scheme in this lovely Heber Springs home.  The designers: Bear Hill Interiors of Arkansas.  What a fresh look…clean and welcoming.  I have already tracked down the colors used on the walls and call me nutty, but the wallpaper too! 
The BLUE GRAY walls are from Sherwin Williams:  Samovar Silver
The wallpaper is Manuel Canova’s Trellis Blue
The white trim and ceiling is Sherwin Williams:  Shoji White
The color of the master bedroom is Sherwin Williams:  Loggia
We will see if I change my mind…it has certainly happened before.  There is LOTS happening at the Lakeshore home.  Can’t believe they just started Monday.  The kitchen is gone, the master bath is gone…I’ll post updated pics soon.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Hello Ladies! and I am sure there are a few gentlemen out there as well...
We have just purchased this home and are remodeling it.  I would love your very talented ideas about the front and back yard.  We are in the Midwest so think about weather please when you give ideas for pots, flowers, trees and bushes...
I know there are some VERY talented outdoorsy people who participate in Outdoor Wednesday so PLEASE don't be shy...speak up and tell me what you think! The pictures can be found below.
Also, if you like doing interiors as well, please scroll down to the MLS photos and give me some ideas about the inside too!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, it sure doesn’t feel like home yet.  Some of you are wondering what our purpose will be for this home.  We are going to live here.  We have a great house now.  One that I thought I would live in until I died…I have cried many a tear at the thought of leaving our home and still wonder what we have done.  It has been a very hard and very trying fall for us.  Purchasing a home like the one in the below pictures is definitely something you have to have some vision for…either that or we are just stupid! lol  Our current 1950’s ranch is large and spacious and pretty much the way we want it.  So why would we move?  I guess with 4 kids, 2 dogs and a cat and a husband who travels I don’t really have enough to do…ok, maybe that’s not why we bought it.  Ok, so we are stupid! 
Actually, the truth is my husband has always liked the new home or should I say the new used home? hmmm.  It has a swimming pool and a great view of the lake which will be nice as the kids get into the teen years.  We really want a home that the kids are drawn to so that their Mom can watch them like hawks! ha.  The new house is a little bigger and has a couple more bedrooms.  I have to say that the bones of the house are good and the floor plan is great.
There are a lot of things about the house that are not in working order…well, like everything.  I guess I will quit rambling and just show you all some pictures.  It WILL be fun.  WE WILL be OK and IT WILL be a GREAT house for us when it is all said and done.  We are so blessed to be able to stay in our current home until it is renovated.  And for that, I am so thankful!
It was like Christmas when this dumpster arrived today.
the kitchen and the leftovers…this is just a small part of what was left…hopefully, this will all be gutted this evening!  I cannot wait to go back to the house tomorrow to find out what they did…
003 Mama’s little helper.
yes, this was all left behind…I have a few ideas and am wondering what some paint or stain could do with this table and china cabinet…
sneaky little helper…
blue carpet with a layer of cat hair anyone? aaaaahchoooooooo!
 009 010 the front half of the hall is filled with trash and the back half of the hall is giveaway going to the DAV this Friday…

016 026 024 018
014 021
022yes, he left his entire wardrobe…I guess in Hawaii you don’t need suits.  Good for him! what do you think?
More pics tomorrow…

Metamorphosis Monday

Nothing has morphed yet, but I could sure use some help!  Please see the MLS photos below.  We aren't knocking out walls, but we are gutting the kitchen and master bathroom.  All new flooring will be installed and many, many more things.  Help me MORPH this house!  I know there are some very creative ladies out there.  I hope you will follow along on the journey to turning this Lakeshore house around to fit a family of 6!


The house is full...

We have spent most of the weekend cleaning out the house.  It was full of trash and many, many things were left behind.  The previous owner moved to Hawaii and evidently didn't need to take much...he even left a full closet of clothes!  We haven't even touched the basement yet!  I am extremely overwhelmed.  I keep telling room at a time, Kristine...but I have to come home and take breaks. 

On a good note, the contractor has already got all of his men lined up and things should really start hopping.  We just have to get all of the things out of the house.

The dumpster also arrived today and it will be full soon...I have never been so happy to see a LARGE dumpster as I was today.  It was like someone had pulled into my driveway with a bouquet of flowers.  Silly, I know.

Gotta go get my little one up from her nap and head back over to the "new" house.  I hope I lose some weight out of all of this! LOL

I'll post pics of the mess soon so you can see what all we have done.


Friday, November 12, 2010

We closed today...

A little nervous and overwhelmed.  It has been a tough journey and we have just begun.  Demo starts Monday! 
Follow along if you like.