Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well, it looks like this could actually happen...

We close on November 5th if everything goes well.  The home inspection is tomorrow morning...so unless all the wood is being eaten by termites or there is something terribly wrong with the house, we are a GO.  At first I wasn't on board with all of this...but now I think it is just what we need to do.  I will miss my beautiful 1950's dream house...I just love it...but it's time for a little bigger house with a couple more bedrooms.  It's not always about me, right?  Dang it.  The new house will be a great place for teenage children to hang out and I would love for them to hang out at my house with their friends rather than somewhere else drinking or doing who knows what.  Not that they are teenagers YET...but soon...time goes by too quickly.

So follow along if you want.  I will be documenting progress.  The contractor should begin work on November 8th.  I will be spending the next 3 weeks picking out flooring, paint and many, many other things...major projects.  We will also be sprucing things up around here in order to put a sign in the front yard.   I think that will be all for now.