Thursday, September 16, 2010

MLS Photos of the Lakeshore Home

lake house1 lake house2 lake house3lake house4 lake house6  lake house5
lake house7 lake house8  lake house9
lake house10lake house11 lake house12 lake house13
lake house14lake house20 lake house15 lake house16
lake house17 lake house18  lake house19 lake house21 lake house22 lake house24
I would welcome any and all ideas that you have for the home…please leave comments and suggestions!  It needs a little work, huh?


Sally said...

Just wondering why you need a pool and a lake? Don't you just swim "in" the lake?

I dunno, it dosen't look horrible, the house isn't really a rustic house, so maybe more "east coastal" colors.

I'll have to post some of my lake house pics for you to see, although it is very rustic and lodge feeling.

Good Luck!

Michell @Girl in Air said...

Oh how fun to transform an old home......I wanted an older home so bad but in our area it was cheaper to build that's what we did....I'm in the process of decorating it....My favorite thing to do is to project, trace and's so easy and cheap and adds so much charm and character to a home:-)

Anonymous said...

We bought an old home and transformed it as well. It is so much fun (and expensive)! I see a lot of potential in your home. It looks like a great place for a family to gather and hang out.

CraveCute said...

Your new home has wonderful large rooms and windows! There are some great features to start with! I love the back yard area with the pool and the lake. What a wonderful place!